Braided hairstyles for Black Women

Braids offer one major advantage over other hairstyles, and that is braids don’t require a constant intervention, you can style and forget about them for weeks,besides braids offer a resting period for your hair and scalp from chemicals and the constant tag and pull of hair styling.

Use this pictures for your own braided hairstyle inspiration.

Parted Cornrow Braid

This is one of the classic African hair braids, it is also one of the best styles which makes it an easy choice and you can customize this style to your liking by changing where your parting line goes and how to style your fish tail there are many ways to to fashion this style in another word the sky is the limit of this particular style.

Coil braids

This is one of the most famous and easy to do braids, and you can style in many different ways, you can have thin coil braids or in this case a jumbo coil hair braids, you can also fashion the make up of your corn row lines.

Braided hairstyles for Black Women

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