The issue of having bad hair days isn’t something we can totally run away from; even our favorite celebrities are faced with such experience at one point in time or the other. There is a saying that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, but to be honest, when your hairstyle is not really fashionable, you will need a sorcerer to tell you where your beauty lies.

Taking a look at the hairdos of black women, without being told, you can see they are tremendously fashionable. Although there are many hairstyles in existence amongst the black female folks, the short hairstyles seem to be rocking the lead position. One may trace it to their high level of likeness for short sophisticated hairstyles.

Another may claim it’s as a result of how the stylish short hairdos are up-to-date, and how they go along with the whole characters of those black women that wear them. In addition, the hairdos go with their fashions, therefore, making them look classy and great in the black and brown hairstyle that is short.

What is fashionable?

The question of what is trendy or fashionable is often asked by a whole lot of black women, but I can say creativity is what matters; with a professional and creative stylist, you are go to go. Once creativity is seen in a hairdo that was worn in the late 60’s, it will become trendy in no distant time.

Also, if you are opting in for short hairdos, it is of great importance you leave your hair natural; it makes the hairstyle take its best appearance. Talking about which hairstyle to choose, you can go for a typical African hairdo, strengthened style, or any bob style of your choice.

So, what are the hairstyles we have picked for you to choose from?


As a black woman/lady, if you are in dire need of a pleasant and easy way to get the idea and stress of styling your hair off your mind for months, braids are just there for you to run to. They also help in saving your hair from harsh ecological factors, as well as giving your hair some rest it has so much longed for.

The untold truth about African braided hairdos is that, you can shape your braids into stunning and magnificent hairstyles for every special event and every day. Isn’t that amazing? Furthermore, African hair braiding is not limited; it’s so much versatile and some of the popular ones include the fishtail braids, the twist braids, the blocky braids, the tree braids, the French braids, the cornrows, the micro-braids, and the black braided buns.

Some of the most popular, gorgeous, and stylish African hairstyles we have picked for you to choose from are:

  1. Clap-your-hands

Clap your hands is the literal meaning of Patewo, which is famous among Nigerian women. The hairstyle takes the shape of two hands fastened together after being woven. The shape is similar to when two palms are placed together when saying the Lord’s Prayer. With the purpose of making the hair take a firm shape, the shaft is interweaved at the middle instead of having the hair interweaved to the back. As creativity may have it, stylists are coming up with various styles for this hairdo, and they include the back, front, and double patewo.


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