The beauty of a black woman/lady can be traced to lots of factors such as, the cream, body-wash, lotions, and perfumes she makes use of, her diet, the way she dresses, and the kind of hairstyles she goes for. Laying more emphasis on the hairstyles black women go for, the hairdos vary. However, the most popular hairstyles among black women include the bob hairstyles, braids, pixies, and wigs.

As a black lady/woman, you can choose to go for long hairstyles or short hairstyles if going for a haircut is out of your dictionary. Reports have it that majority of black women with sophisticated and stunning looks go for short hairstyles, especially the wigs. Pardon me if I say that may have been the main factor contributing to their awing and striking beauties.

What is a wig?

My definition of what a wig is has it that, a wig is a removable cover for the head, made from synthetic fibres, animal hairs, or human hairs. Wig is a short word for Periwig, and the first appearance of the word “Periwig” in the English Language was around 1675.

From the origination of wig till today, its wearers have so many reasons why they put it on; some wear it to enhance their looks, while others go for it to disguise their baldness. Also, the wearers of it see it as an inexpensive and less intrusive option to hair restoration therapies.

The lengths of wigs vary; some are long, short, or medium in length. Short wigs range from gorgeous pixie styles to elegant and modish looks, and are perfect for black women with any shape of face, and are also the trending hairstyles today in hair salons.

You may want to ask how to distinguish a short wig from other wigs; short wigs comprises of any wig which has its longest strand not falling to the chin, but to the ears or above the ears. Below are some short wigs to inspire you.

  1. Nori Wig


  [amazon_link asins=’B0085MDYUI’ template=’ProductAd’ store=’ninculus3-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’83369bab-79f2-11e7-a907-61497565f6ac’]



On our list of wigs for black women, the Nori wig rocks the lead position and stands to be the most chosen by most black women. The wig comes in a hairy and coarse texture, and offers a bold shape with a covered back and an ample top. This charmingly feathered design highlights prettiness with face outlining, and fine bangs. For black women with average head size, this exact wig that comes in different colours is most suitable for them.


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