Double Chin Hairstyles and Tips to Help You Cover Up

One of the things that can really make twin chin look terrible is having the wrong hairstyle. The wrong hairstyle can draw attention to your double chin, making people notice it more than they may have before. If you have a double chin, the best thing to do is to get the right haircut, one that draws attention away from your chin.

First, focus on length. Length is very important when you are trying to take the attention away from the chin. Mid length hairstyles will not work at drawing attention away from the chin area. Since hair stops closer to the chin, it will frame the chin, drawing attention to it. You can try shorter cuts, like a crop, pixie, or boy cut. These will frame your upper face, and not your chin.

Longer lengths can also work well when trying to cover up a double chin. Make sure the hair ends past your shoulders, and that it is cut in layers. Layers will help give your face a more slender appearance, lessening the puff of your twin chin. The best way to wear layers if you are trying to disguise your chin is choppy, with many of them framing your face. You can also try highlighting areas of your hair in order to bring attention away from your chin.

Second, elongate your face. You can try elongating the appearance of your face since most double chins give you a round looking face. Elongating your face can easily be done with hairstyles that have more volume at the crown. Avoid hairstyles which are flat on top or part right in the middle. Both of these characteristics will draw attention right to the middle of your face and the area below it. If you must part your hair then opt for a side part so that it draws attention away from the center. Side parts also tend to have more volume as compared to middle parts.

Finding the right double chin hairstyle can be a breeze if you know the “rules” to follow. However, don’t feel limited to these guidelines. There are numerous hairstyles for chubby twin chins out there.

Source by Bill Mansen

Double Chin Hairstyles and Tips to Help You Cover Up

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