How to Cut Your Own Hair

First off: Do not Go Crazy with the Scissors or You Will End Up without hair!

Nowadays more and more men are trying to cut their own hair at home to save a buck, which is good as long as you do not go nuts and whack it all off. Always keep in mind hair will eventually grow back, but you will have to wait the time – and that can be a LONG time my friend. So for now you will have to do the best you can do. To try to avoid slicing off too much of your coif, always start out with a little piece first, because you can always do more, but you cant add more! One great thing to keep in mind if your hair is not totally even do not fuss and try to correct it, because most of the new styles are all abstract and silly anyways. You will fit right in regards to your end product. To me a perfectly straight trim looks odd anyways, where it has no character. So the more funked up the cut is the better the output it will have. If you are a risky and adventurous soul and want to create your own style at home, well buddy this is what you need to follow:

Before you start dicing and slicing away you will need to gather a few key items. You will need aa solid pair of shears that are very sharp. You can get a decent pair for about fifteen dollars or so at a beauty supply store.

Do not use your gift wrapping scissors, they will only kill your ends and cause more damage on your dome. Then you will need a wrap to keep the mess off of you. I prefer a shampoo wrap, so the trash does not fall all over you and it's less of a cleanup. You can get cutting wraps at beauty supply store for about four bucks, and they are fantastic because you can use them for other duties such as Halloween or coloring your new cut. Now even before you choose to start snipping away like the Pied Piper please consider how much you are going to remove. Either it's gonna be a tiny bit or a dramatic change and I warn you, that may not be a good idea.

Place a fine section of hair in your fingers, but not too much from the top of your dome and pull it straight up and cut across the hair that is in your hand. Remember you should try and only do about a third of an inch to a half inch. It's better to take less than more right? Now this sounds easy of course I'm sure? Well as easy as this sounds it can easily be screwed up if you're not watching what you're doing.

Next step is you do your sides. Do yourself a big fave and try and cut one side at a time, and do not try to alternate sides as this will allow you to lose track on what you are doing and it will become uneven. Start with taking one tiny section from the edge of the hair with your right hand, hold it up and grab a small bit of your left side first and place it on top with that big section and carefully with love and attention, cut those pieces. This will create nice layers which many people from the 70's love. Do this for the second side, and using this procedure for the other area by taking a section of the top of your hair on the middle side and bundle it with the first original section of your hair on the right front area. Pull it straight up and bend it over to the right and cut smoothly.

Now you need to blend in the rear area of ​​your hair. To do this difficult project you can use your sides as a guide, but get a big mirror. Try and work from the side edges of the head to the bottom. Raise up the first hair section at the edge area, keeping it even the whole time. Then cut off the hair that's left over. When that area is done and you have blended your head its time to cut the front top section, often called bangs.

To cut your bangs is not as easy as you'd imagine. I really suggest cutting your bangs when your hair is wet. If not your bangs will be uneven. Bangs have a way to shrink a lot especially with wavy hair. Comb down the long side of your bangs and hold your hair between your index and ring finger to trim. Use your palm as a straight edge and cut straight across your forehead. If you want a more wacky bang like then follow the same process, but instead of chopping straight across the hair, cut into it. Do not cut too far or you will start to cut into your sides or crown area of ​​your head. If you think you can try this, then give it a crack. Keep in mind hair grows back, sometimes, some day. Good luck!

Source by Brian Jj James

How to Cut Your Own Hair

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