How To Get Dreadlocks

Have you ever thought it would be cool to have dreadlocks like Lenny Kravitz, Bob
Marley or Whoopie Goldberg? Well you're going to need instructions in order to
recreate your hero's hairstyles.

Information on dreads that you've seen before might be confusing to you as some
people swear by one method while others tell you never use that method to get your dreads.
What works for some may not work for others and this is because of the different
hair types that people have. If you want to have great looking dreadlocks then you
need to know your hair type and you need to have the correct tools.

You're going to need

Hair clips

Tail comb

Wide-tooth comb

No snag hair elastics

Wax or wax alternative

Some steps to take when creating your dreads are as follows.

1-Section hair using a rattail comb.

2-Secure each section with a no-snag rubberband.

3-Apply a small amount of wax / wax alternative to each section, no bigger than the small nail on
your little finger.

4. You will want to begin at the back of the head, near the nape of your neck, twist the hair from
one section around your tightly around one of your fingers.

* If you are using a comb (a wide-tooth comb), then twist the section of hair around a

group of teeth.

* Make sure you twist all sections in the same direction (either all clockwise or all


5-Take the twisted lock and separate it in two from the tip. Try to get as close to the root
as possible.

6-Lightly palmroll the two strands back together.

7-Repeat Step # 5, but this time separate the strands with two different halves then before.

8-Repeat Step # 6.

9-Continue this process until there is not much unknotted hair left at the tip;

10-Secure the tip of your new lock with a snag-free rubber band so that it does not unravel.
You may want to do the same with the root;

11. Continue this process with the rest of the sections;

12-Set your finger or comb twists with a heat source like a hair dryer or blow dryer.

My advice would be to speak with or listen to someone who already has experience
with making dreads before going ahead with it yourself. While you do not have
to see a professional stylist to get the dreads you always wanted you do not want
to mess up your hair either. Try to find someone with experience and get information
from them on the methods they use and the products they find best. The above information
will get you started and get you your dreadlocks.

Source by Jay Louvre

How To Get Dreadlocks

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